Texas Poll: Texans’ Views On Abbott and O’Rourke

Democrat candidate Beto O’Rourke is still 7 points behind Republican Greg Abbott, according to a recent poll by Dallas Morning News-University of Texas at Tyler. The results also show that O’Rourke may be staying behind due to the support of Abbott’s strict immigration laws in the state.

The Republican governor’s order for state police to inspect all inbound trucks that come from Mexico is supported by 70% of registered voters, as opposed by 20%. This, despite the fact that economists blamed this action for the spike in food prices last month.

At least half of registered Texas voters agree with Abbott’s plan to spend billions of dollars to deploy soldiers at the border, with 55% approval, and his decision to send immigrants in buses to Washington received 51% approval from voters. And two-thirds of the state claimed to support Title-42.

In this sense, immigration is one of the topics keeping him at the top, despite his actions being controversial and often described as discriminatory. As the race for the candidacy unfolds we shall see what steps O’Rourke takes to tighten the races and possibly win against Abbott.

Regarding other topics, like marihuana and transgender youth, people tend to support more liberal perspectives. 85% overall of registered voters approve of the legalization of marihuana, which Abbott is against. 52% of voters also stated that they found Abbott’s February actions regarding the restriction of healthcare to transgender youth unnecessary.

The poll, conducted from May 2nd to 10th, surveyed 1,232 registered voters and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percentage points. While they do not show the whole picture of the race, it does show where the opinion of the general people lies. 

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