Experts Expect To See A Large Percent Of Voters At The Polls For Early Voting.

Early voting for the November election started on Monday, and experts anticipate huge attendance for early voting in Texas, especially from Republican voters. This according to an interview Fox 26 made to Mark Jones, a Rice University pollster and political analyst. 

Mark Jones said that Beto’s chances of winning are low as he is not able to close the gap for the gubernatorial career. Jones explained that Beto started with ten or eleven points of disadvantage from Abbott and he started to reduce that number after the immigrant buses crisis and the Uvalde shooting. But, Beto still is five or six points away from Abbott, says Jones, as he still believes that number could be reverted on the final results of the elections, but it is going to be very hard. 
Jones explains that one of the most relevant facts during this election is probably going to be the early vote.

He said: “Early voting has been on the rise for the last few election cycles. In 2020, close to 90% of Texans voted early, and I think we are likely to see something like that again. I would expect we are going to have record turnout for a midterm; somewhere around 10 million, but we probably aren’t going to get up to the levels that we had in 2020, which were around 11 million.”

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