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Texas Economist Predicts Huge Economic Benefits to Passing Comprehensive Non-Discrimination Act

Texas economist, Dr. Ray Perryman, estimates a statewide LGBTQ+ inclusive non-discrimination act would provide Texas massive economic gains. 

“Texas has not yet passed a CNDA (Comprehensive Non-Discrimination Act) to protect the LGBTQ community. The Perryman Group (TPG) recently examined the potential economic benefits of passing a non-discrimination in employment, housing, and public places access act, as well as the associated increase in tax receipts to the State and local governments.”  – Dr. Ray Perryman, The Perryman Group

If the act passes in 2021, the Perryman Group predicts an additional $19.8 billion in annual gross product and over 180,200 jobs from 2021 to 2025. They further predicted an additional $104.3 billion in annual gross product and 702,000 jobs from 2021 to 2045. With the financial effects of COVID-19, these monies and jobs can be used to give a boost to Texas’ economy, while showing the LGBTQ+ community they are welcome in Texas. 

To read the full economic report, click here.

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