UberEats Owes More Than $20,000 to a Small Taco Place in Houston

Emily Garcia is the manager of a family-owned restaurant called “Birrieria Los Primos” in downtown Houston, near the JP Morgan Chase Tower. Their Mexican place is very popular among Texans, who enjoy eating there once in a while. But the last few months have been difficult for them.

After becoming available for food delivery on UberEats, the restaurant has taken roughly 700 orders since March, averaging around $30 each. However, they haven’t received a single check for all their orders, resulting in a loss of nearly $21,000 after checking through their records. 

The Garcia’s published on their Instagram account a cry for help, in order to gather the help of the Houston community:

Emily, 26 years old, claims that recently the problem has aggravated, since they have been receiving more and more orders due to the rainy weather, but they still haven’t received a single paycheck:

“Weekends are very busy with the Houston weather; it’s been raining for well over a month. People order through these apps a lot more. We’re wasting hours preparing food that we’re not getting paid for and I don’t know if we’ll be paid for.” 

Javier Correoso, a representative for Uber, told the Houston Chronicle that UberEats wants to pay them, but they need further verification. 

The Garcia’s posted again on Instagram, thanking the community for their support, talking about other businesses that are living the same issue, and reminding everyone that UberEats still hasn’t paid:

Whichever way the situation ends, Emily is completely sure that they will end their relationship with UberEats, and as soon as they get paid, they will deactivate their account and look for other options.

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