EDF Study Finds Electrifying TERP Could Bring a Wealth of Benefits

A recent study published by the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) shows the advantage of providing financial incentives administered by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality for the electric vehicle industry.

The Texas Emissions Reduction Plan (TERP) has been dedicated to replacing older diesel vehicles with lower emissions alternatives since 2001, having allocated over $1.3 billion in grants that have reduced up to 183,000 tons of NOx, a major driver of the state’s air quality challenges.

Incentivizing the shift to electric vehicles would reduce smog and other local air pollutants, cut greenhouse gas emissions and lead to important growth in job creation.

Additionally, the Texas Advanced Energy Business Alliance found that jobs in the electric transportation sector are expected to double in Texas by 2024, meaning that 5,000 Texas companies and 400,000 workers would directly benefit from growth in this sector.

Tesla’s recent announcement of a new factory opening in Austin is an immediate proof of this, and with the budget discussions coming up on the 87th Legislature, EDF is encouraging the Legislature to honor H.B. 3745, which requires that all TERP funds be expended to reduce emissions from medium-and heavy-duty vehicles and other equipment until Texas’ air quality challenges are resolved.

Texas is currently ranked 38 out of 50 states in terms of affordable and clean energy, a position that places the Lone Star State at an alarming 37% below the national average.

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