Anti CRT Won Dallas-Area School Board Races

The School board race in Texas was specially politized this year, although it is supposed to be nonpartisan. Critical Race Theory, LGBTTTQ+ inclusion, and war issues were the main subjects discussed according to The Dallas Morning News

The heated debates concerning what should be taught in schools reached the next level. Over the past few months, high school students organized book clubs and rallies to protest against gatekeeping education. However, in the school districts of Keller, Grapevine-Colleyville, and Southlake Carroll the conservative candidates won the school board race. 

Governator Greg Abbott congratulated them on Twitter “Conservatives won school board elections across Texas. Parents are more involved and active in school elections and school policies than ever before. No one cares more about children than their parents. The power of parents will continue to expand in Texas.”

The main proposals of the 10 out of 11 conservative candidates who won, are to eradicate Critical Race Theory (CRT), an educational branch that raises awareness about the legacies of racism against black people. Banish LGBTTTQ+ books from the school libraries. These are described as pornographic and offensive, as they said on previous occasions. 

According to the Texas Tribune, these candidates were fundraised by PAC (Patriot Mobile Action), an organization that “puts Christian conservative values into action” according to its website. PAC collected half a million dollars that were invested in the school board campaign.

Teachers from Texas have expressed their preoccupations with this election. Rob D´Amico, communications director for the Texas AFT, told the Dallas Observer “What happens is that the partisan issues take away from the focus on the kids and their education. You start getting into these carnival atmosphere-type issues instead.”

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