Ted Cruz Hates New CDC COVID-19 Guidelines

A new wave of COVID-19 cases is arriving in the United States. In the past 2 weeks, cases have increased by over 145% in the country. The Delta variant has been the main responsible for this increase of cases, as it is said to be a lot more contagious than the previous dominant strays. 

In an attempt to reduce the spread of the virus, the CDC issued a new set of guidelines. The new measures overrule a previous recommendation by the CDC that stated that masks weren’t necessary for people that are already vaccinated, and now recommends all citizens to wear masks in indoor public spaces. 

The statement by the CDC was met harshly by some GOP officials, including Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who publicly condemned the new recommendations and heavily criticized the CDC. 

Ted claimed that since the CDC had lost its credibility for its handling of the pandemic, they didn’t have the moral authority to make recommendations to the American people. 

However, the claims made by Cruz in regards to his criticism for the new measures are not based on science, all-important health authorities, in the USA and worldwide, back up the recommendations made by the CDC. The World Health Organization has been backing up the use of masks in public indoor spaces since early in the pandemic and hasn’t stopped supporting this, even with vaccinated people. 

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