More and More People Receive the Vaccine, When Will Kids Start?

The wait for the vaccine to end this pandemic seemed never-ending and yet, even before 2020 is over, the FDA has already authorized use for at least two of the long-awaited shots. The largest immunization campaign in US history has already started and the program aims to reach around 100 million people by April, regardless children are not included in these campaigns.

The first ones to receive the vaccine were selected healthcare workers. A dose for young children has not been established yet by the pharmaceutical companies. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director accepted the recommendation that right now, the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine can only be administrated to people ages 16 and older. 

Tests on children are yet to be done, Pfizer has only tested children 12 and older. “To address the burden of disease in pediatric populations younger than 12, we are working actively with regulators on a potential pediatric study plan,” a Pfizer spokesperson said. 

Moderna’s vaccine was first tested on minors this month. The company expects to finish the trial with at least 3,000 participants ages 12  to 18 years old. They hope to have some data ready by spring 2021. AstraZeneca plans on starting a large trial soon, where they will include kids ages 5 and 12 years old.

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