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Three Signs of Hope From an Unlikely Source

So much of the country still just thinks of moments like this when they think of our state. if you are on this site, you know Texas is changing and that is a GOOD thing. We are one of the youngest and most diverse states in the union. While some people fear this future, others are embracing it.
And one unexpected population actually seems to be taking this change pretty well.
Evangelical Christian women. Yes, you read that right. Looks like there is a rebellion brewing among this traditionally conservative cohort. Here are just a few glimpses of what we mean.
First, there is Beth Moore. You may or may not know who she is but she is one of the most popular evangelical women authors in the country. Don’t get us wrong, she hasn’t become a card-carrying progressive. But she is now known as the evangelical superstar taking on Trump.
And, isn’t afraid to say she cried the night Trump was elected.

In early November 1992, I stood in front of the TV watching the last of the election results, tears pouring down my face. Our country had just elected Bill Clinton president. He was magnetic, brilliant, smooth and utterly immoral. I was a registered Democrat at that time.

— Beth Moore (@BethMooreLPM) December 19, 2019

Where is she leading her mini-uprising from?
Houston, Texas.
Second, there is a whole new generation speaking up. Check out Tess Clarke and her friends profiled in the New York Times who were the face of a younger Christian cohort who took up the banner for Beto.
They were raised to vote straight GOP but are not having it anymore!
If you come from a conservative family, you might just recognize Tess’s conversation with her dad, WORD FOR WORD

Third, here is a Twitter feed that might give you hope. Brittany Pounder who describes herself as “Recovering Republican, stubborn Conservative, wife, mom to 3 of finest little people in the world!”

She isn’t wasting any words in her thoughts about evangelicals today.

Only Trump could make Governors I’ve never cared much for suddenly look like responsible heroes.

.@TheRickWilson was right. Everything Trump touches dies.
— Brittany Pounders (@LibertyBritt) April 19, 2020

I am not responsible for what I was taught as a child. But I am absolutely responsible for what I choose to learn now. Educate yourselves outside of your comfortable bubbles. There’s a whole world out there you aren’t aware of.#BlackLivesMatter

— Brittany Pounders (@LibertyBritt) June 15, 2020

There is a change happening here in Texas and there are some unlikely allies joining the ranks!

What do you think?


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