Black Family In Texas Was Threatened By A White 9-Year-Old

A Black family in Texas was threatened by a white 9-year-old boy who came into their doorstep, screaming and carrying a whip. He repeatedly banged on the door and called out for the family’s daughter to come out.

After being told several times to leave their property, the boy scratched their car. Carissa Nash, owner of the home along with her husband called the police after this occurred, but with no solution: police forces told her they could not do anything due to the boy’s age.

Nash expressed her concern on social media by posting surveillance camera recordings of the boy harassing them on their front porch. The boy was calling out for her daughter, also 9 years old, who is a classmate of his. The children use the same route to school and go together in a group with other kids.

The family was extremely disappointed in the Kaufman County officer’s actions. In an interview with TMZ Live, the couple shared that the police did not consider the whip as a weapon (which it obviously is) and that they should just let the situation blow over since the boy’s family was moving. 

When Dezerrea, Carissa’s husband, tried to talk to Bryan Bunson, the boy’s father, he was met with verbal attacks and a gun on his back. After verbal attacks and a “warning” shot to the floor, the couple decided to leave. Bunson was arrested and charged with deadly conduct after the gun was discharged in the direction of his daughter standing behind him. He was released from jail after posting bail.

The Nash family is considering legal action against Bunson and continues to spread awareness on social media due to the fear they live with having such a neighbor next door. The lack of action from the authorities and their downplaying of racist actions, as we see over and over again, can have disastrous consequences. 

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