Texas Woman Fights Against Abortion Ban Following Heartbreaking Loss

This Texas abortion plaintiff fights to exempt women with medically complicated pregnancy from abortion ban, even after she watched her baby die.

According to a report by The Dallas Morning News, Casiano was forced to watch her baby die because of Texas’ restrictive laws. Doctors diagnosed her second daughter with a fatal brain anomaly when she was 20 weeks pregnant. The state denied her the abortion, so she continued the pregnancy.

She gave birth in March, but her baby, Halo, died four hours later.

Casiano testified about denied or delayed abortions in Zurawski vs. State of Texas. The case asked that people with medically complicated pregnancies be exempt from Texas’ abortion ban.

After two weeks, Judge Jessica Mangrum issued a temporary injunction that prevented abortion bans on people with medically complicated pregnancies.

If Casiano had been allowed an abortion when she received the diagnosis of a fatal birth defect for her baby, she would have tried for another child. She was traumatized from watching her baby suffer, so she had surgery to never naturally conceive again.

Casiano fights for other women to have the right to choose and to maybe avoid the pain she felt. “Who am I to ask you for a favor?” Casiano said. “But, right now, I need you. I need to change this law. Clarify it, make it better for the women who need it.”

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